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We firmly believe that service can create value, and first-class after-sales service is as important as high-quality products. Kexun Electronics is committed to building a professional and international after-sales service brand, and has a stable, professional and efficient after-sales service team. We meet the service needs of major customers at home and abroad with excellent technology, high sense of responsibility and professional and rigorous service attitude, and we continue to work hard to provide services that exceed customer expectations.

Kexun after-sales service department not only aims to build its own high-tech excellent team, but also integrates global high-quality repair channels and professional resources in various repair fields. It can be used in various ports and shipyards of China, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, the United States, etc. to provide you with 24/7 fast response and professional and reliable repair services. Over the years, it has continuously solved various emergency problems for customers at home and abroad, and has been highly praised by customers worldwide. And it continues to develop high-quality partners around the world to make the global service network cover every continent in the world.
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Jiaxing Kexun Electron Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It owns many technical talents in the field of marine electronic equipments and international managerial group.
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