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KJ Auto Telephone System
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KJ digital program-controlled switch is a new generation product that provides remote communication technology for all types of ships. It has the characteristics of easy and flexible use, high reliability, and large capacity. Its models are widely used in various types of ships, marine engineering and other industrial fields. KJ digital program-controlled exchange adopts a modular design. The system can support loop extensions and loop relays, IP phone extensions, and provide E1 access. The E1 signaling protocol can be configured as NO.1, PRI signaling and NO.7 signaling. It also supports SIP trunking, can support PCM remote fiber, 2M, network extension, supports distributed installation, and is used in various environments for flexible networking. The system adopts the combined mode of analog extension and loop relay mixed insertion. Customers can configure the number of extensions and loop relay according to their own needs.

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