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Ccompany Culture
  • Vision

    Become an industry benchmark with outstanding brand, outstanding employees and core competitiveness.
  • mission
    Meet the needs of users, improve innovation capabilities, integrate global resources, and advocate human management.
  • core value

    Integrity, responsibility, innovation, challenge, dedication, focus.
Staff Style
"People-oriented" is at the core of Kexun’s corporate culture. In order to create a happy and healthy working atmosphere, the company will hold various cultural and sports activities every year, such as employee travel, cultural performances, employee sports meets, etc.; so that every Kexun person can Realize the humanistic value delivered by the company, realize team collaboration and service spirit, and face work with a happy attitude, face life with a bright smile, enjoy happiness at work, and live happily in happiness, ensuring that the company is fast and healthy , Coordinated and sustainable development.

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Jiaxing Kexun Electron Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It owns many technical talents in the field of marine electronic equipments and international managerial group.
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